The Wood Stove Change Out is now closed.

Thank you to all who participated this year.


Upgrading your old wood stove to a more efficient one pays financially by saving wood, money and effort handling the fuel. It also saves the air we breathe.



Receive a rebate when you replace an older uncertified stove.

Receive a rebate of $250 and in the Municipalities of Grand Bay-Westfield, an additional $50 incentive award for upgrading your old uncertified wood burning stove, wood burning fireplace-insert or by upgrading to a wood burning fireplace-insert in an open hearth fireplace.

How Do I Sign Up?


Typical Certification Label affixed on the back of an EPA/CSA woodstove

First check you have an existing uncertified appliance eligible for the change out. To be eligible you must currently use a wood burning appliance which does not conform to the CSA B415.1.10 standards (typically an appliance built and installed before 1994). Make sure you also check with your hearth dealer to ensure the new stove is eligible for a rebate under the program. Not all stoves are supported in the program.

Sign Up Now.



You must have an older wood burning appliance that you are willing to retire for scrap metal. Replacing with a certified stove will save you time, money and the air we breathe.

    1. Register with the NB Lung Association and obtain a Tracking number and Voucher. The tracking number ensures we can verify the steps are completed. You may enroll by signing up here or by emailing to the coordinator larry.tannahill@nb.lung.ca or calling Larry at (506) 455-8961 ext.111.
    2. Purchase a program eligible wood burning appliance. Take your Voucher to a participating Hearth Retailer who will assist your purchase of a qualifying wood stove,  pellet stove, furnace or fireplace insert (a fireplace insert into an existing fireplace is also eligible.) If you have more than one uncertified appliance you may apply for more than one rebate. The old stove(s) must be installed and operable. Retain a copy of the invoice which shows the make and model of the eligible wood or pellet stove, furnace or fireplace insert. Gas stoves are also eligible.
    3. Contact a participating WETT Installer (listed on the web site). Your hearth retailer may also install them or will recommend a participating installer. The WETT technician may provide you with a WETT inspection report which you may send to your insurance company. Having a new stove install could lower your insurance rate.
    4. You must have proof of disposal.  Have the old appliance prepared for recycling by removing the firebrick and cleaning out the unit. Render it inoperable by bending the door hinges and collar. Take pictures of your stove showing this. Your WETT installer can help you do this. Obtain a signature from the recycling attendant. You may email pictures or send them in by mail.