New Brunswick Lung Association Announces 2016 Wood Stove Change-Out Program and Master Burner Workshops – Province Wide

Fredericton. The New Brunswick Wood Stove Change-Out Program provides incentive to change out older uncertified stoves for cleaner burning CSA/EPA certified appliances through rebates and a public education workshop. The program runs from January 15 to March 31, 2016 and is available to anyone New Brunswick. Participating retailers, manufacturers and WETT installers are providing a $250 rebate to upgrade older uncertified stoves, fireplace inserts, to eligible EPA units. Municipalities of Grand Bay Westfield, Grand Falls and Richibucto are offering an additional $50 incentive to their residents who participate. <--break-> Barbara MacKinnon, President and CEO of the New Brunswick Lung Association explained “Smoke from residential fuel wood combustion burning in New Brunswick is the leading cause of particulate emissions in New Brunswick accounting for over 70% of total non-industrial sources for particulate matter PM2.5, PM10, SOx, NOx, volatile organic compounds, and carbon monoxide. Many people rely on wood stoves during power outages. It is important to make sure that your wood stove produces as few air pollutants as possible.” <--break-> “Newer EPA certified stoves can reduce wood consumption by 1/3 and emissions by up to 90% with some units producing less than one gram of particulate per hour which is far lower than the current emission standards of 4.5 grams/hr,” said Larry Tannahill, project coordinator for the New Brunswick Lung Association. “Seasoned wood by definition has a moisture content of 20-25% which can easily be measured with an inexpensive moisture meter. We encourage wood burners to measure the moisture in wood before they buy it as seasoned firewood. If you burn wood with more that 25% moisture it is the same as throwing paper money into your stove.” Anyone who has an older wood burning appliance is encouraged to take advantage of the program to help upgrade to a unit that will pay for itself in just a few years. To sign up visit Contact: Larry Tannahill Project Coordinator, New Brunswick Lung Association, (506) 455-8961

Page Last Updated: 23/02/2016