Media Release- July 8- EVs

The New Brunswick Lung Association is pleased with the provincial government’s announcement of point-of-sale electric vehicle (EV) rebates. The Lung Association has worked for many years to increase public awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles. Repeatedly, they have heard that the one of the most significant barriers to New Brunswickers purchasing electric vehicles is the increased up-front cost compared to gasoline or diesel powered alternatives.

The Lung Association’s concerns with internal combustion engines is twofold: tailpipe pollution is hazardous to health (especially lung health), and greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change which is a public health crisis. “Electric vehicles are critical to reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,” said Melanie Langille, President and CEO of the New Brunswick Lung Association. “New Brunswick has one of the highest per capital GHG emissions in Canada. But, because our electricity source in New Brunswick is primarily from non-emitting sources, switching to an EV is an effective way for New Brunswickers to lower their GHG emissions.”

Today’s announcement of a $5,000 provincial rebate, combined with the existing federal rebate means that New Brunswickers can purchase an EV with a combined point of sale rebate of up to $10,000. “Providing these incentives will help more New Brunswickers with the higher upfront cost of purchasing an EV,” said Alyse Wilton, Manager of Community Environmental Health Programs at the New Brunswick Lung Association. “EV owners will then enjoy many years of reduced ownership costs and zero emissions”. 

Traffic-related air pollution has been shown to cause the development of asthma in children and worsening of asthma in children and adults, cause allergies to worsen, and reduce lung function. Traffic-related air pollution has also been linked to lung cancer, heart disease, other heart conditions, and worsening symptoms in those with existing lung and heart conditions.

Melanie Langille, President and CEO
New Brunswick Lung Association
506-455-8961 ext 110

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