A Turbuhaler® is a plastic device containing dry powdered medication. A Turbuhaler® is breath-activated. This means when you inhale, the Turbuhaler® automatically releases the medication. If you use it properly, the Turbuhaler can deliver medication deep into your lungs.

Watch a video on how to use a Turbuhaler 


  1. Unscrew the cover and remove it.
  2. Holding the Turbuhaler upright, turn the coloured wheel one way and back the other way, until it clicks. It's now loaded with a new dose.
  3. Breathe out normally.
  4. Put the mouthpiece between your lips and tilt your head back slightly.
  5. Breathe in deeply and forcefully.
  6. Hold your breath for 10 seconds or as long as you can.
  7. Remove the Turbuhaler from your mouth, and breathe out.
  8. If you need another dose, repeat the steps 3- 5.
  9. If the medicine you are taking contains a corticosteroid, rinse your mouth out and gargle with water after you use it, then spit the water out. This helps prevent side effects like a yeast infection (thrush) in your mouth, and hoarseness in your throat.

How to Tell When the Turbuhaler® Is Empty

The Turbuhaler® is empty and should be thrown out when the zero or a red line is in the centre of the dose-counting window.

How to Clean Your Turbuhaler®

Clean mouthpiece two or three times a week. Using a dry cloth, wipe away any particles that have collected on the mouthpiece. Never wash the mouthpiece.

Page Last Updated: 09/06/2016