How to use Genuair:

  • Remove the cap from the inhaler.
  • Press the coloured button all the way down and release.
  • Check that the colour control window is green.  This means that the inhaler is ready.
  • Breathe out fully, away from the inhaler.
  • Seal your lips around the mouthpiece and breathe in strong and deep.
  • Keep breathing in, even after you have heard the inhaler ‘click’.
  • Remove the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath for 5-10 seconds.
  • Breathe out.
  • Check that the colour control window has turned from green to red.  This tells you if you have inhaled correctly. If the window has not turned red, breathe in another strong, deep breath
  • Replace the cap.

Page Last Updated: 09/06/2016