Healthy Habits for Healthy Homes

Many factors contribute to our overall health and maintaining our health is a lifelong endeavour. Controlling our exposure to harmful chemicals, toxins and other environmental hazards can be challenging, especially for those who are unaware of the potential for risk. We are exposed to environmental hazards daily, often without knowing. The signs and symptoms of exposure can vary from person to person and some may take years of exposure to impact our overall health.  

With these resources and tools, it is our hope to bring awareness to the issues we face when it comes to maintaining overall health and decrease exposure to environmental toxins in our everyday lives. Activities we do everyday in our homes can have a major impact on our exposure to environmental toxins and hazards. 

Simple modifications in five key aspects of our daily lives can help improve our overall health and decrease our potential for exposure.

Each link below will provide:

  • a topic description
  • links to information
  • steps to reduce exposure (commitment ideas)





Video Presentation for NBCC Students

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