Asthma Camp

For over thirty years, children have had a FREE fun camp experience and learn about their Asthma at Camp AsthmaTOPIA which is held at Greenhill Lake camp.

The children get to socialize with other children from around the province. They have one short session about what is Asthma and the proper technique to use their puffers etc. In addition to learning about the proper use of medications, campers also participate in regular camp activities such as swimming, canoeing, archery, and crafts.  I am at the camp for the 5 days and oversee their medications.

Greenhill Lake Camp can be viewed at


A FREE summer camp for children with asthma!

July 17 - 22, 2016


Greenhill Lake Camp

40 Greenhill Lake Rd
Greenhill Lake, NB

Children Ages 7 - 11


Application forms now available!

For all camp forms or further information please call:

Barbara Walls, BN. RN. MAEd

Director of Health Promotion

1800-565-5864. Ext 107 or 455-8961 Ext.107


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