Health Professionals for Action on Climate Change

Health professionals can be a key ally in communicating climate change to the public. Through their various touch points in all areas of the community, health professionals represent a trusted voice and interact with people who may not otherwise be engaged in climate change. Health professionals can be the first contact to members of the public asking questions about their health and climate change.

We want to support health professionals as you educate and treat your patients. Here you will find educational resources that may help you bring awareness to how climate change affects human health, and the steps we can take to protect ourselves.

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Health Professionals for Action on Climate Change Brochure

Healthy Food, Healthy Climate, Healthy You (Poster)

New Brunswick's Climate is Changing (Poster)

Climate Change in New Brunswick: Adaptation & Mitigation (Tear Pad)


Responding to Climate Change as Health Professionals - Kim Perrotta





Page Last Updated: 08/03/2022