Electric Vehicles

Zero-emissions Vehicle Incentive Program

As of May 1, 2019, all Canadians qualify for an incentive of up to $5,000 towards the purchase or lease of a new electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Incentive amounts vary based on the vehicle model, and are applied at the point of sale by the retailer. Businesses and provincial and municipal governments looking to purchase fleets of vehicles are eligible for up to 10 incentives under this program in a calendar year. For more information on the Zero-emissions Vehicle Incentive Program, visit the Government of Canada’s website.


2018 AJAC Eco-Run

The 7th annual AJAC Eco-Run (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada) was held here in New Brunswick.  The purpose of the Eco-Run is to test drive new Electric Vehicles and compare the fuel economy numbers with real life statistics.  New Brunswick was chosen due to its great charging infrastructure with close to 100 charging stations across the province.  Check out the video here:

An Electric Vehicle Roadmap for New Brunswick


Electric vehicles are critical to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. New Brunswick has the third highest per capita GHG emissions in Canada, which is also above the national average.[1] New Brunswick’s transportation sector is responsible for approximately 30 per cent of these emissions.[2] Replacing a conventional vehicle with an electric vehicle in New Brunswick can reduce vehicle-related GHGs by up to 75% while also reducing air pollutants such as NO2, SO2, particulate matter and VOCs.[3] These reductions in air pollutants are measurable and are necessary to improve respiratory health.

Electric vehicles will also play an important role in the future of sustainable electricity and could serve as a vital component of NB Power's Reduce and Shift Demand (RASD) Smart Grid program, as well as other utilities’ load management.

Electric vehicle technology is currently New Brunswick’s best option for reducing NB’s transportation-related GHG emissions. The benefits – for both the climate and New Brunswickers – are clear. A strategy is needed to promote and educate the public on these benefits as well as develop policies and incentives which will help the transition from vehicles with internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.

In 2014, as part of implementing the NB Climate Change Action Plan 2014-2020, the Department of Environment and Local Government partnered with NB Power to engage a group of experts and stakeholders to examine options and opportunities for advancing electric vehicles in New Brunswick.  Under the guidance of this group, known as the Electric Vehicle Advisory Group (EVAG), salient issues were examined and favourable options were explored. This is a report of their findings in the form of a potential electric vehicle “Roadmap” for New Brunswick.

The Electric Vehicle Advisory Group is made up of members from NB Power, the New Brunswick Lung Association, the City of Fredericton, the City of Saint John, the City of Moncton, the City of Bathurst, Lounsbury Limited, Siemens Canada Limited, the Department of Environment and Local Government, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, and the Department of Energy and Mines.

The Roadmap outlines how New Brunswick is well-positioned to begin taking action towards the mainstream adoption of electric vehicles and is comprised of four key action areas, clearly stating what initial actions could be taken by utilities, municipal and provincial government, enterprise partners and other motivated stakeholders in order to make meaningful progress in the deployment of electric vehicles and related infrastructure:

  • Increasing electric vehicle purchases by the public
  • Increasing fleet adoption of electric vehicles
  • Promoting and educating New Brunswickers on the benefits of electric vehicles
  • Increasing the amount of charging infrastructure so that electric vehicles are adequately supported in New Brunswick

The direction and objectives of this Roadmap could transform New Brunswick into one of Canada’s leading electric vehicle provinces. Many provinces have shown that rapid market transformation can happen when governments, utilities, and other interested groups support and enable electric vehicle adoption. Providing New Brunswickers with access to information, support, and appropriate infrastructure is fundamental. Electric vehicles are innovative, environmentally responsible, and could greatly diversify and increase skill sets and jobs needed in New Brunswick.

Read the complete Electric Vehicle Roadmap for New Brunswick.


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