*Note : if you have already submitted your response to the section 71 Notice with respect to certain micro-organisms, thank you and you may disregard this reminder.*
The Government of Canada wishes to remind you that the deadline for the submission of information is approaching for the Notice with respect to certain micro-organisms published on Saturday, September 23, 2017, in the Canada Gazette, Part I, Vol. 151, No. 38, pursuant to the information gathering provisions of paragraph 71(1)(b) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA):
  • More information on this notice is available on the “Micro-organisms” webpage.
Under subsection 71(4) of the Act, extensions may be granted upon written request. To apply for an extension, a written request must be submitted to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, to the attention of the Substances Management Coordinator, prior to the deadline for this notice.
Persons who do not meet the reporting requirements of the notice, but who have a current or future interest in substances covered by this notice are encouraged to identify themselves as a stakeholder for those substances by completing a voluntary Declaration of Stakeholder Interest. Those who have no commercial interest in the substances covered by the notice may complete a Declaration of Non-Engagement. The Declaration of Stakeholder Interest and the Declaration of Non-Engagement can be submitted online via Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Single Window.
Please note that a CMP Online Reporting “How-To” Guide is available to provide guidance on how to submit information via Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Single Window.
For any question please contact the:

Substances Management  Information Line:

Telephone: 1-800-567-1999 / 819-938-3232
Fax: 819-938-5212
Email: eccc.substances.eccc@canada.ca