Cannabis / Marijuana

Position Statement on Cannabis


Cannabis is a drug that can cause serious negative health effects in addition to offering benefits to people who have certain health conditions. The decision to use cannabis for medical purposes should be a decision made between a healthcare provider and patient.

If people choose to consume cannabis for non-medical reasons, the Lung Association encourages you not to smoke cannabis. Smoking is the most harmful way to consume cannabis. The combustion of cannabis produces carcinogens and other toxins. Knowledge about the long-term effects of marijuana/cannabis smoke is still limited, but early research studies have demonstrated that it can lead to chronic bronchitis later in life.

Smoking cannabis with tobacco has a significantly negative impact on lung health and the two products should not be combined. Studies suggest that frequent and heavy cannabis smoking is associated with cough, sputum production, wheezing and a decline in lung function.

The Lung Association is calling for more research into the long-term health effects of cannabis.

The Lung Association advocates for strong policies and education programs to be implemented with the legalization of cannabis to ensure that all New Brunswickers are well-informed and that the harms that can be caused by the consumption of Cannabis are eliminated. 

For details on the new laws in New Brunswick click here.

Page Last Updated: 16/10/2018